We have The Huntsman: Winter’s War


This time it focuses on the Huntsman, played by Chris Hemsworth, and how he rebels against the Ice Queen, Freya, played by Emily Blunt.
By the way, wherever Freya goes, everything turns into ice. Because what kind of evil fantasy villain would she is otherwise? I dread to think what happens when she sneezes.
Anyway, our movie begins with an endless prologue in which a narrator who sounds suspiciously like Liam Neeson recounts how a bunch of stuff happened that resulted in the Huntsman wanting revenge on Freya because she killed his love, Jessica Chastain, or something. Because as evil Freya delivers in a monologue, love and compassion are outlawed in her kingdom because they represent weakness. Is she trying to win an award for most evil villain or something?......Join us on April 20th.